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Especially considering her only housemates are Gary Delaney, her fellow comedian and partner of seven years, and a pair of cats (the younger of whom is named Lieutenant Ripley after the heroine of the Alien movies).

Millican may still have the common touch on stage, but accounts revealed this week that the company through which she runs her affairs had nearly £2.5million in the bank this time last year — £2million more than in 2011.

Richard had a son John who was christened 26 April 1601 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Hazel Constable, supported by her husband, Jeff Constable MBE, of Dalmeny, undertook the daunting task of organisation.

John married Susan (last name unknown) and they had a son Samuel who was christened on 7 March 1640 in Cheshunt. With the family scattered as far afield as North Queensland, West Australia and New Zealand, the correspondence alone must have been a major undertaking. Headstone inscription Geoffrey Kelly Geoffrey Kelly, LDS C011652 Geoffrey Kelly, LDS C011652 Geoffrey Kelly, LDS C035711 Geoffrey Kelly, Moruya Historical Society Geoffrey Kelly, Moruya Pioneers Directory LDS Batch C021981 LDS Batch C072252 LDS Batch C072252 - Mother of Samuel Siggins b. LDS Film 1985342 LDS M035711 - wife of John Brown LDS unsourced from member. Marriage Certifcate (by banns) Marriage Certificate Moruya Historical Society Moruya Pioneers Directory.

Following the success of the play, Vickers won the London Newcomer award at the Theatregoers' Choice Award and added "Sunlight" the closing ballad as a b-side for her debut single, Once.

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This is a woman who in five years has gone from a virtual unknown to one of the best-paid comedians on the planet.

More to the point, she has done so by staying true to herself and her working-class roots.

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