Dating age differential

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Car wheels spin at different speeds, especially when turning.

You can see from the animation that each wheel travels a different distance through the turn, and that the inside wheels travel a shorter distance than the outside wheels.

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Archaeologists use the exponential, radioactive decay of carbon 14 to estimate the death dates of organic material.

While this phenomenon is accepted widely, it is also proven to be successful, as the couple is known to grow up together, grow old together, face similar situations and challenges at similar points of time in their life together, make for a compatible husband-wife duo and follow, in a way, the laws of nature.

For the non-driven wheels on your car -- the front wheels on a rear-wheel drive car, the back wheels on a front-wheel drive car -- this is not an issue.

There is no connection between them, so they spin independently.

Since speed is equal to the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to go that distance, the wheels that travel a shorter distance travel at a lower speed.

Also note that the front wheels travel a different distance than the rear wheels.

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The differential has three jobs: In this article, you'll learn why your car needs a differential, how it works and what its shortcomings are.

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